By 2020 it’s estimated that 50% of the British population will be doing some form of freelance work – at the forefront are creatives. Industries like music, film and TV, design and performance are already being driven by an army of freelancers, moving from one job to the next, negotiating the often tricky proposition of running and ‘being’ a business while delivering their service or product.

In March we got the chance to run our Design Your Practice programme at the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland. Working with a group of students from the music, performance and theatre departments, we explored what it takes to put a practice plan together. From going through the elements of planning, marketing and finance to pitching your services.

While we were incredibly impressed with the students’ capability and capacity, our evaluation showed that the participants gained greater insight and focus by taking a step back from their studies and concentrating on what it was they wanted to achieve.

The students could then fashion a plan – a sustainable approach geared for preparing and protecting themselves from the problems most associated with working in their chosen field – and identify the choices and decisions required to take control of their professional futures.