Design Your Practice (DYP) is a new programme developed by Cultural Enterprise Office which supports creative freelancers to develop their approach to a portfolio career.

Creating a creative career can be challenging. Apart from spending time mastering your chosen service (design, composing, writing, film-making or whatever), you must also learn the essential elements required to run a successful business – planning, marketing and finance.

It’s quite common for creatives to have difficulty coming to terms with the mindset of ‘being a business’. The driving force behind making a successful creative career is the pursuit of the best product, service or idea possible, without succumbing to many creatives’ instinctive feeling that ‘business’ is a distraction. Creative careers and ‘business’ functions are not mutually exclusive.

In today’s world, working in isolation is commonplace and that can often create issues with confidence. Being around other like-minded creative and knowledgeable sources helps foster resilience, critical support and most importantly positivity.

That’s why we developed DYP. Over the course of eight weeks our facilitators – experienced freelancers from across the creative industries – will share their knowledge, insights and passion.

Designed for creatives by creatives to address every facet of having an effective portfolio career, DYP was successfully piloted in Glasgow last summer.

The programme is targeted at those recently graduated from a creative college and will be rolled out in Dundee and Edinburgh in the coming months. In the meantime we continue to explore ways to make DYP available and accessible throughout Scotland – especially for those more isolated creatives removed from urban centres. Check our website for updates.