Marketing with Authenticity is an idea whose time has really come. People are sceptical about the messages they hear and, with trust levels through the floor, we need to find a way to overcome these barriers.

That’s where Marketing with Authenticity comes in.

When we market with authenticity we tell our unique truths and speak from the heart. Indeed, creative practitioners are in an ideal position to overcome mistrust. While (almost!) every brand has compelling truths to tell, for creative practitioners this is abundantly the case. You invariably create from a sense of purpose, are ethically motivated, and your work is a hugely personal expression of who you are.

Audiences find these things irresistible. Not only creatives’ integrity but also your sincerity. And, of course, your uniqueness – being a one-off in a me-too world.

So how do we develop our authentic marketing?

It’s often a case of identifying things in the work or philosophy that creatives might not have put into words before. Working with someone who holds up the mirror can be enormously helpful, as we often don’t see in ourselves what others see. Finding out which ideas resonate most powerfully with our audiences is also important. Then we choose the right words to capture the story: words that flow from the creative’s heart straight into your audience’s hearts.