Crowdfunding is becoming an increasingly important part of the funding mix for many cultural enterprises, and it is a process which, when done well, can deliver a great deal more value than just money. But it is not an easy or simple option and those significant benefits are not won easily.

Faced with a wide range of choices and decisions and with the specific challenge of finding, building and engaging that almost intangible entity – a crowd – some people find the prospect of running a crowdfunding campaign a daunting prospect.

Well help is at hand. Crowdfunding to Win is an online course which will give you the ability to build a solid and executable plan to make your crowdfunding campaign a success.

It’s structured and easily understandable process helps you make the key decisions that are right for your campaign, develop and manage your resources effectively, and build a project plan to make the process manageable. Delivered by video and supported by course notes and downloadable resources it provides all you need to build the winning crowdfunding campaign that is right for your business or your project. Registration gives you lifetime access to the course and its resources as they grow and develop for even deeper insight.

Applicable to all forms of crowdfunding campaign, including equity, this rigorous and repeatable programme unpacks why crowdfunding is different and what you need to know to get the most from it. It provides a structured and logical approach to building a campaign that will help you crowdfund to win!

Cultural Enterprise Office have teamed up with the creators of Crowdfunding To Win (twintangibles and Inner Ear) to sponsor, in kind, this offer to our community and the opportunity to get the course for just £27 (reduced from the normal price of £40). Click here to get the discount.