Could you be a Creative Entrepreneur?

Once upon a time, the good people of Scotland went to a job and made things or managed people making things. And we had one key thing, innovation.

Nowadays, Scotland’s Creative Entrepreneurs are forging innovative business models, managing a portfolio career and driving their value-led businesses towards a successful triple bottom-line.

In Scotland over a four year period, the Creative Industries has registered 77,625 businesses. Of these, 86% were SME’s and sole traders driving (with the remaining 14% of large businesses) the sector into the top 5 growth industries across the country.  And

Creative Entrepreneurs have led the way.

Let’s discuss and discover if you have the hallmarks of a Creative Entrepreneur…

You are old-school ‘successful’

Being a creative doesn’t mean that you are not also a stellar business person. You understand and demonstrate mad skills when it comes to generating profit, creating an attractive working culture that retains employees, and driving your market share #awesome

You are guided by what is GOOD for the community you serve

Success is more than money. Especially in the creative sector. Creative Entrepreneurs are leaders of social and not-for profit enterprises. They reach out to their community making a real impact with their services and products. Your passions drive you and your empathy connects you authentically to customers.

You develop and grow stuff, like, all the time

You know what Scotland needs to be a leader and an idea alone won’t cut it. And you are leading in your patch with interactive and innovative events, programmes and projects driving development and growth. You don’t wait for perfection, you are focused on progress #highfive

You keep the BIG picture in mind

Especially in our sector, Creative Entrepreneurs are increasingly international audience from the start. You are not limited by physical borders and you know how to communicate across physical boundaries.

Whether you identify with all of the above or aspire to be a Creative Entrepreneur, know that it’s a part of your genetic make-up as a Scot and as a creative. But call yourself whatever you want. Wear your badge with honor. Make a ruckus. And inspire others to take the leap to lead and impact Scotland’s triple bottom-line of social, economic and creative excellence.

And let’s get comfortable sharing and celebrating our success.


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Image Credit: The Really Important Things