What is my perfect coaching relationship?

Having a proven track record of developing successful business models within the creative industries in Scotland, I relish working with others with whom my experience and energy resonates. Typically, these individuals are mid-career, have experience and life knowledge, but who are currently feeling stuck, frustrated, bored, no longer growing professionally and personally; their mojo depleted. Others may be facing transition and finding the change potentially overwhelming or concerned they will not be able to take full advantages of the potential benefits it may provide.

I see my role as a coach is to provide a balance between challenging and supporting, working together with coaches to tackle the barriers that are blocking them from fulfilling their potential; positively impacting their creative, social and economic well-being.

You cannot coach someone who does not want to be coached: who does not want to change nor want to make a difference. Hence are you willing to:

  • Be prepared to change and let go
  • Be the conscious director of your life
  • Aim to end each day a better person than you started it, even by just a small amount
  • Appreciate the sum of the parts: the small changes that can lead to big differences in time
  • Stop listening to others, stop drifting, step back and take control
  • Know you can change your thoughts, your habits, your behaviours, your actions… for positive effect, to produce the life environment you desire, not that which others dictate